Georgia Sweet Corn

Come ear often?

It’s not officially summer until there’s sweet corn on the grill. Available from May through mid-September, sweet corn is America's favorite summertime vegetable (butter not included).

Farmer holding an ear of corn

Sweet from the Georgia soil

Sweet corn is a warm-weather crop, well-suited for Georgia’s climate. Corn is grown in every county in Georgia, making it the most widely grown produce in the state.

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Butter up!

The sweet taste of Georgia corn is a delicious addition to your favorite dishes. Whether eaten right off the cob or added to your favorite recipes, corn is low in fat, low in sodium, cholesterol-free and a good source of vitamin C.

Corn kernels
Salad with corn

Summer Succotash Salad

30 mins

Georgia Grown

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Shrimp corndog salad

Shrimp Corndog Salad

40 mins

Georgia Grown

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Vegetable succotash with corn

Vegetable Succotash

30 mins

Georgia Grown

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The sweeter the corn, the better the summer.

There are only two major types of corn grown in Georgia: field corn and sweet corn. Sweet corn is what consumers purchase fresh, frozen or canned for eating. It’s produced from hybrids that are specifically developed to have a higher sugar content than regular field corn. The results? Corn that’s sweet to the last kernel.